Inflammation can wreak havoc on our:
- Gut health
- Hormonal System
- and so many pathways of the body

Clearing inflammation is an important first step on any health journey.

Are you feeling tired, bloated, with your stomach feeling kind of off, brain fog, and a lack of energy?

It’s so important to take the time to stop inflammation in its tracks and TURN IT OFF. If we don’t do this, our gut health, our immune system, our hormone systems are all affected over the long term. Later, this shows up as weird symptoms that plague us. 

Detoxing off of sugar and other inflammatory foods is key for us to stop chronic low-grade persistent inflammation from wreaking havoc on our bodies. Our body is sending us signals to say hey there’s a problem and I need you to handle this, and it’s our job to listen to these messages and take action.


I know how incredibly frustrating it is to be inflamed and have so many little things feel wrong but not have a clear picture of what the real root problem is. I struggled for years trying to understand why every time I eat a meal I felt bloated or like I had done something wrong afterward. I hate to admit this, but I would burp for an hour after every meal, my system mad at me, and I couldn’t figure out why. I constantly had stomachaches or discomfort in my stomach. 

I never understood why I had so much brain fog and had such a hard time focusing. After or during the holidays I would always fall so horribly sick with an awful cold and never understand why - it’s like my immune system was so unsupported and had no defenses. I struggled with this for decades until I finally came to understand that the root cause of all of this was inflammation and doing a simple seasonal detox could stop the problem.

Why is inflammation such a problem?

Like the security system in your house, the inflammatory response is meant to alert your body of any foreign invaders (like viruses or bacteria) or any potential problems so your immune cells can swiftly take care of the problem. But what happens when your body can’t seem to turn off the “alarm?” Often, it leads to chronic inflammation.

Chronic or low-grade inflammation is the type of inflammation you’re most likely to hear health professionals talk about since it’s linked to many different problems. Once you begin an action plan that targets inflammation, all of a sudden you’ll see how many symptoms you were feeling were really just inflammation-causing trouble.
What triggers excessive, unhealthful, chronic inflammation? Poor diet, environmental toxins, stress. And, as research shows, poor sleep is a contributor to inflammation.

Symptoms of inflammation include:

  • Redness: A swollen joint that may be warm to the touch
  • Joint pain & Stiffness: A joint that doesn’t work as well as it should
  • Often, you’ll have only a few of these symptoms.

Inflammation may also cause flu-like symptoms including:

  • Fatigue / loss of energy
  • Headaches or Muscle stiffness
  • ​Loss of appetite
  • ​Fever or Chills

What can we do about it?

I teach a simple methodology of detox that you can do at the beginning of each season to help you clear the inflammation of the recent months and set a clear foundation going forward. This detox is easy to do and one you can repeat as many times as you need.
Doing a detox in a community is key. It’s very hard to do things like this alone, so having the right tools and support in place is key.  

What is the 7-Day Inflammation Detox?

This is a 7-day Challenge we will do together. Sign up and you’ll receive the information and daily emails. You’ll also be invited to join the Private Facebook Group where we’ll be supporting each other. This detox will teach you how you can reset your system anytime you need to. This will be a jumpstart to help you reduce inflammation, cut your cravings for sugar and inflammatory foods that are harmful to you, and help you feel better immediately! 

Complete pdf guide about Inflammation 

Daily video support and tips from 
Dr. Shivani Gupta

Get ready in advance with the ultimate shopping list

Reducing inflammation is key before you start any weight loss journey because inflammation creates a resistance to weight loss and makes it nearly impossible to lose weight.

Inflammation can wreak havoc on gut health, our hormonal system, and so many pathways of the body, so clearing inflammation is an important first step on any health journey.

Inflammation creates miscommunication in our body so our immune system can’t work optimally - it’s key to having our defenses up and body ready for whatever comes. 

I look forward to joining you for this detox - I love a good detox to reset, reboot, and recalibrate my body!

- Cindy K -
Before I met Shivani and started listening to her talks and guidance, I was suffering from aches and pains, and various issues that I attributed to “aging.” I learned that so much of what I was dealing with was rooted in inflammation and once I started reversing that, so many aspects of my health and body shifted. 
-Andrew A-
I definitely see an improvement in all of my fingers. They were so stiff before I was worried I was losing function. Both hands have improved and I definitely give credit to the inflammation detox. I just turned 78 but my concern was I’d be handicapped by the time I was 82. My knee is also doing very well. 
-Nancy R-
I feel great overall, I can’t think of a time I felt better in my life. it’s really doing amazing things for me which I never expected, which is i’m so motivated to get all my work done, to get out and do things, it’s really fantastic. I’m attributing it all to reducing inflammation and getting on the right track.
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